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How COA Analyzes Chess Openings
[3. Point Count]

How COA [Beta v1.0] Analyzes
- 3. Point Count -

Each Chess Piece is given a relative value, which can be used to evaluate potential trades/exchanges of material, as well as helping you determine whose army has the greater potential force, by totting-up the points into a single figure.

Because the King is technically invaluable, we're shortcutting things by not counting the King in the Point Count analysis.
Chess Openings - Openings Analysis Example - Point Count

  • Pawns are worth 1 point each.
  • Knights = 3 points each.
  • Bishops = 3 points each.
  • Rooks = 5 points each.
  • Queens = 9 points.
  • Kings are invaluable; they cannot be captured, and so we're not counting the King in the Point Count analysis.
  • So, ignoring the King's presence, each FULL army is worth 39 points and when a Pawn or Piece is captured, the score is reduced (by whatever the value of unit that was taken off the board).
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