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Beta v1.0

Known Bugs / Issues

This page contains a list of Bugs / Issues that I know about ...

Have a look what's here, as it may save you time (if you were planning on issuing a Feedback roasting):

Known Bugs / Issues Relating To ...
- 1. Format, Look & Feel -

  • 1.1
    The highlighted squares in the analysis views, [ 1 ] to [ 5 ], don't sit neatly, when overlaid upon the chessboard. This is a problem across all major web browsers.

    I could have spent more time getting my programmer to tighten the looks, but it was getting to stage where the core functionality of the Analyzer worked; I just wanted to get it out and let others play about with it, to see whether it was worth improving.

    It looks worst in Internet Explorer. I use and recommend using the much more efficient Google Chrome, which you can download from Google, here.

Known Bugs / Issues Relating To ...
- 2. Functionality -

  • 2.1
    The Sequence of moves can become corrupted when trying to use the Interactive Chessboard. To see this bug in action, watch this Interactive Chessboard video in the How It Works page. (Skip forwards, in the video, to 2 mins 06 seconds)

  • 2.2
    The Sequence cannot handle the double plus notation that represents a Double Check: ++. The current work-around is simply to only have one + symbol in the notation.

    If you're pasting in your Sequences, use the [ Insert ] button and delete the extra plus symbol.

Known Bugs / Issues Relating To ...
- 3. Analysis of the Elements -

  • 3.1
    Analysis of Center Domination:
    Since my discussions with Ken Wilsdon, it has become apparent that COA [Beta v1.0] doesn't sufficiently analyze Center Domination, as it doesn't factor in Vulnerability.

    You can still use this COA [Beta v1.0] to see, in general, which squares Pawns and Pieces are helping to guard/attack, just not absolutely (owing to said lack of vulnerability in the program).

    So, bear this in mind, if/when looking at the results with this prototype version of the Chess Openings Analyzer.

  • 3.2
    Analysis of Control:
    The same lack of analyzing for Vulnerability that affects analysis of Center Domination also affects the COA's analysis of Control.

  • 3.3
    Definition of the Center / Small Center:
    Also, since reading Point Count Chess, I've slightly altered my perception or definition of the Center (I now refer to it as the Expanded Center) and Small Center (which remains the same, though I also call this area the Center, now and again).

    It all came a bit too late for this prototype version of the the COA.

    It's a minor change, but as I've updated articles, such as the one about Chess Board Zones, on, I felt I needed to explain things, to head-off any potential confusion.

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