Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4:
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Clearance Sacrifice
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4Historical Game:
Bled (Slovenia), 1961

This image shows the position before White decides to play a
Clearance Sacrifice, to
get rid of the Qe6 (the sacrifice), replacing it with the waiting Ng5, for a devastating Knight Fork ...

Just look at where
White's Knight will be and it's L-shaped pattern of movement - you'll see it targets Black's Bd4, Qc7, Rf8, and Kg7!

Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4
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Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4
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Historical Game:
Tal-Parma, Bled (Slovenia), 1961

Tal (White), can see a devastating Chess Fork attack - if only he can get his Knight onto the square, currently occupied by his Queen.

As pointed out elsewhere on this website - sometimes sacrificing your Queen can be a good move. Tal shows how, with the following move ...

Move 1, White uses his Queen to capture (x) Black's Knight, on f5 (his Clearance manoeuvre); Black doesn't really have much choice and uses his g-file Pawn to capture White's Queen, on f5.

Incidentally, Parma Resigned at this point, as he only foresaw his own catastrophe ...

Move 2, White would then send his kNight to e6, not only "Checking" (+) Black's King, but also achieving the four-way Chess Fork ...

Just take a look - White's Knight, from his e6 square, is simultaneously attacking Black's King, Queen, Rook and Bishop!

So, while White initially lost a Queen for a Knight, he would have regained material in the form of Black's Queen, with others soon to follow.

A Good Trade.

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