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Chess Tactics Teaser - Clearance SacrificeClearance is a sacrificing tactic used when one of your own pieces happens to be in the way of another piece, preventing it from taking up a superior position on the board.

In order to achieve what you want, the obstructing piece must be moved - or "Cleared" - out of the way.

To do so will mean to allow capture of that moved piece ...

However, the ultimate benefit(s), from your subsequent moves, are well worth the initial loss, as you can see from these example scenarios ...

Clearance Sacrifice Index

Examples of Clearance ...
  1. Clearance Sacrifice, Example 1 (page 2)
    Clearance Sacrifice, Teaser, Example 1. Involves White's Nb3, as the 'sacrifice', to c5.

    Black's d6-Pawn captures, giving Black weak, Doubled Pawns in the process.

    The b3-square is 'cleared' for White's Queen to draw the game by Repeated Check.

  2. Clearance Sacrifice, Example 2 (page 3)
    Clearance Sacrifice, Teaser, Example 2. Involves White's Rg7, as the 'sacrifice', to h7.

    Black's Kh8 is forced to capture.

    The move 'clears' g7 for White's Queen to Checkmate Black's King.

  3. Clearance Sacrifice, Example 3 (page 4)
    Clearance Sacrifice, Teaser, Example 3. Involves White's Bc4, as the 'sacrifice', to f7.

    Black's Rf8 is forced to capture, as its King is in Check.

    The move 'clears' c4 for White's Ne5, a move which totally traps Black's Qa5.

  4. Clearance Sacrifice, Example 4 (page 5)
    Clearance Sacrifice, Teaser, Example 4. Involves White's Qe6, as the 'sacrifice', to f5.

    Black's g6-Pawn has little choice but to capture such a powerful piece.

    The move 'clears' e6 for White's Ng5, a move which catches all of Black's remaining Pieces in a Knight Fork.

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