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With a healthy dose of ego massaging, the interpretation is you've been looking for our quality Chess website, with lots of really good content. Well done, you're here ... Yipee! isn't solely about Strategies ... You'll also find Tactics, as well and, if you're totally new to the game, then get yourself stuck in to our Beginners Chess Guide.

As a beginner, my personal interest is learning to improve my own game as quickly as possible - you want to do the same, I imagine, so why not share it ... Step forward this website.

But, don't just stick to this website - have a snoop about online: Google Chess, Chess Tactics, Chess Strategies, etc. and check out other Chess-focussed websites - whatever it takes to accelerate your own learning of Chess (the quicker, the better, eh?).

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KEYWORD: ChessGameStrategies
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