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Chess Windmill Attack
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Chess Windmill Attack, Example 1
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Chess Windmill Attack, Example 1This image shows an extremely theoretical, example of a Windmill Attack by White's Rb7 in combination with White's Bd5.

Each capture by White's Rook created a Discovered Check by the light-Bishop.

Black doesn't get the opportunity to bring any of his pieces over to repel the attacks, with the only option to get the King out of check, to b8.

But, immediately, White's Rook returns to put Black's King in check once again. White's Nd6 prevents Black's King from escaping to c8, so it has to return to a8, only for the whole process to blight the Black King, again.

Finally, the Windmill Attack ends, but only after White has vanquished all Black's Pieces and the f7-Pawn.

Don't expect to see this example in a real game, but it makes for a good demonstration of the Windmill Attack.

Chess Windmill Attack, Example 1
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Chess Windmill Attack, Example 1
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Move 1 see's a Discovered Check, from White's Bishop, after White's Rook goes off to capture (x) Black's Bishop, on e7.

What happens, with this Chess Windmill Attack, is, after White captures the Bishop, Black's King is forced to evade the Check, from White's Bishop ...

To keep the Windmill going, before White can capture more material, it MUST restrict Black into ONLY moving his King ...

In addition, Black's King MUST return to a square that will soon have him back in "Check".

As the video clip shows, in this example, Black's King can only return to either a8 or b8 - both squares that will promptly put the King back in "Check", be it from White's Rook, or White's Bishop.

And, you're right, if you spotted that Black's King keeps working itself back into a position where White's Bishop is performing another Chess Tactic - an X-Ray Attack, through the White Rook!

This is all one heck of a Grande Combination.

Here's a list of all the Tactics employed, multiple times over:

The sequence of "Check"-Escape-Capture repeats itself, until Black has just his solitary King on the Board.

Okay, a great example ... But a 'mock-up' that you'll probably NEVER see in an actual game.

In the second example, you'll see the great Emanuel Lasker performing the Chess Windmill Attack, for REAL ...

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