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You don't want a game, you want a more hardcore piece of Chess Software that can be used as a training tool, with highlighted squares being a required feature.

Chess legend, Garry Kasparov has said he "regularly analyzes with Fritz".

It doesn't matter which sport or profession you're involved with; when one of the World's greatest practitioners drops clues to their success, you need to take notice.

I certainly haven't been disappointed since I purchased Fritz 12.

To answer your query, Fritz 12 does have an option to get it to 'highlight squares', as you go through your training sessions and play games against Fritz's Engine (basically, a huge database of positions and moves).

The following video clip will show you how to turn on this feature:

Fritz 12
- Training Hints: Threatened Squares & Dynamic Hints -

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KEYWORD: Chess Training Software Highlight Squares
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