Chess Trainer
Human vs Computer

When we say "Human Chess Trainer", we're talking about actually going to meet up with a human tutor who'll train you to improve your skill at the chess board.

Computer-based training will often have an element of human presentation - such as from video - but the tutor isn't physically present to deal with your immediate queries.

Human Trainer

Being able to physically meet up with a tutor has the advantage of being able to get your questions answered during the session. There's also the social aspect, if you take part in group training with a small handful of other Chess enthusiasts.

Of course, there is the potential for personality clashes - you may simply not get along with a particular tutor, of find their explanations difficult to understand.

Another factor to consider is travel - your nearest personal chess tutor may still live hundreds of miles away, which not only adds a level of time commitment, but also increases costs for your training program (and that's on top of the hourly fee the chess trainer commands).

You can use the internet to find a tutor. For instance, searching for Chess Trainers, from Google, in the UK, I immediately came across a chap called Richard James, who is based in Twickenham, England.

Chess Glossary - Chess Trainer - Richard James

Richard offers private tuition to children, from his home in Whitton, Twickenham. On his website,, he admits he can only take on pupils who are prepared to travel to him.

Of course, this is just a random example - I've never experienced tuition from Richard James, nor met the guy. Like any stranger you intend to meet, you'd want to do your research and make sure you feel comfortable with that person.

And, sure, a tutor in England doesn't help if you live in another country. In that case, simply add where you live to your search.

For instance, if you live in New York, enter "Chess Trainer New York", into your favorite search engine, and pick through the results.

Computer Trainer - Online

The next option would be to get the benefits of a tutor, from the comfort of your own home ... With online training programs, this is something you can do quite easily.

Two such websites found - though not yet experienced - are:

    Chess Glossary - Chess Trainer - International Chess School
    Called the "International Chess School", it's headed by Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu, who has an ELO rating of 2631.

    At present, you can choose to take their Main module, for $34 per month, lasting for 1 year.

    In addition to that, for an extra $5 per month, you'll receive an extra Openings module, which supplements the Main module by training you to play "2 complete and strong opening repertoires".

    Chess Glossary - Chess Trainer - is headed by FIDE Certified Coach, Dhanesh Shrikhande, who claims to have trained over 2000 students worldwide.

    Also prominent on the site is India's National Women's Champion, Women's Grandmaster, Swati Ghate, who conducts lessons for pupils of

    Their fee structure requires a block payment, set up through PayPal - $120, at time of writing - which gives you a Course of 8 sessions.

Computer Trainer - DVD-based

Another form of Chess Training can be gained from DVD-based programs.

Chess Glossary - Chess Trainer - Fritz 12 Course

One that I have experienced comes with Fritz 12 and is accessed via the Welcome Screen, once you've installed the program on your PC.

While Fritz 12 can be played from your computer's harddrive installation, the Chess course requires the DVD to be in the disc drive.

The Beginner's Course is conducted by Englishman and International Master, Andrew Martin, who, over 35 videos, takes you through fundamental stuff that all beginners need to know ...

You learn about the Chess Board and Notation; all the Chess Pieces are fully covered, including Captures and Special Moves (such as En Passant); and there's a good selection of ways to Check and Checkmate the King.

We Have A Basic Chess Trainer Section, For Beginners, Here
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