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You're trying to find out about playing Chess with your computer, using Microsoft's own Chess program.

Chess Titans is a popular piece of software, for those with computers sporting one of the following versions of Microsoft's operating system:

  • Windows XP - Service Pack 3 (SP3);
  • Windows Vista*;
  • Windows 7*;

* Not available in Home Basic, or Windows Vista Starter editions.

As for the reason why it's popular with these versions of Windows? Because it's FREE.

If you have one of the aforementioned versions of Windows and can't seem to locate Titans, then do a search for it. In Vista, that's as straightforward as clicking Start, then typing the game's name in the search box:

KQA - Games And Software - Chess Titans - Vista Start Search

Good For Beginners

If you're new to Chess - or class yourself as a 'beginner' - then Titans will be a good starting point, for 'proactively' learning to play Chess.

I found it's most-useful, 'beginner-friendly' feature, were the squares which lit up, highlighting the legal moves that could be made, for the Pawn or Piece selected.

Other highlighted squares indicate available Captures, which you can make, plus 'special moves', such as Pawn Promotion and Castling respectively.

To see these in action, follow our Recommended Link, below, to our Beginners Chess Guide article, Basic Chess Moves, and you'll be able to watch video clips of the Moves, Captures and Special Moves, highlighted within Chess Titans.

Serious Chess Players, Look Elsewhere?

Once I got the hang of the basic moves of the Pawns and Pieces, there didn't appear to be much 'scalability' for those who wish to train to become stronger Chess players.

Yes, you can switch to 2 player mode and do battle against a chess-playing buddy (sitting next to you), but if you don't have anyone to physically play against, you'll have to stick with playing against the Computer.

I didn't notice much difference between Levels 1 through to 10 and didn't really have the confidence that Chess Titans could give me a strong enough game, so I could learn to improve.

When playing Chess and training via my computer, I now use the much more sophisticated Fritz Chess Software - the first version I purchased was Fritz 12 ...

It's got a lot of features and can be somewhat overwhelming, trying to pick your way through the multi-tabbed menu. But, once you're settled in and know what tools are where, I found Fritz 12 served as both an accomplished training tool, as well as a tough opponent to play games of Chess against.

For more, follow the Recommended Link, below, to our Chess Glossary Article - Fritz Chess.

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