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You've heard about the situation and want to clarify matters involving a player who accepts the loss of a game and declares this by tipping the King over.

The act of 'tipping the King' is a physical declaration of a player's wish to Resign.

KQA - Resign - Tipping The King Over

Often, a player who wishes to Resign can simply make their intentions audibly - i.e. just tell your opponent you wish to Resign ("I Resign ") ...

However, they can also lay their King on its side, to confirm their intentions - although, to distinguish this from accidentally pushing your King over, it's good practice to vocally confirm your intent to Resign.

Due to the very nature, 'tipping the King' is only a feature of games played with physical Chess Sets.

In computer-based games, or games over the Internet, you'll usually find a button to "Resign" or "End the Game".

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