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You want to know about the Rule that helps you determine whether one of your Pawns will reach its Promotion square, before the enemy King can get across to capture it.

When experienced players manage to get just a single Pawn advantage - that is, they have one more Pawn than their opponent - they will often attempt to trade Pieces until both sides are down to just their King and Pawns.

That extra Pawn, whichever one is elected, will be pushed towards its Promotion square, as quickly as possible.

Without any Pieces to capture that Pawn, the King must get across to do the dirty deed ...

Because both Kings and Pawns can only move one square per turn, it becomes a question of logic:

  • "Can the King reach the Pawn BEFORE the Pawn can gain Promotion? "
Rule of the Square

And that's what the Rule of the Square helps you determine - whether it's your Pawn going for Promotion, or your King trying to stop the infidel.

The Rule:

If the King is OUTSIDE the (imaginary) square and the Pawn's turn to move, the Pawn will, successfully, gain Promotion.

Otherwise, the King will capture the Pawn in time.

Remember, if there are only the 2 Kings and 1 Pawn on the Board, and the King captures the Pawn, the game will end in a Draw.

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