Additional Chess Terminology:
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Additional Chess Terminology
Defensive-Play Terms
[Defence Openings]

Defence Openings

Defence Openings are documented Opening sequences, play from the perspective of Black ... All other 'textbook' Openings are played from the perspective of the player controlling the White army.

Yes, White may develop with Defence in mind, but the reason Defence Openings are focussed on Black's developement is because Black starts every game in response to White's first move ...

Therefore, White plays as the overall attacking force - he picks the fight, starts and takes the fight to the enemy (the Black army).

It's a bit like a boxer who throws the first punch - he's attacking first ... Meanwhile, his opponent - unless a total sack - will put up some sort of guard, in Defence, against the fast-approaching strike.

Back to Chess and Black's army, therefore, is reacting to White's first attack - so, Black begins a game with a Defensive Opening sequence ...

Though, that doesn't mean Black won't come out to attack - so be ready and don't waste any time, when developing your army!.

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