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Additional Chess Terminology
Defensive-Play Terms


Castling allows a player to quickly swap the position of their King and ONE Rook - whether it's the Queenside Rook (which would be Queenside Castling), or the Kingside Rook (which would be Kingside Castling).

Castling is an ultra-quick way of getting a Rook from the outer region of the Board, where it's less influential; to sit on a more central File, where they can be more influential, during the Opening and Middlegame phases.

However, what we're interested in, here, is the Defensive benefit that Castling offers a King.

Providing all pieces are present, on the Kingside, Kingside Castling gets your King tucked in behind a Defensive wall of 3 Pawns, while the switched Rook will now offer protection on the King's left.

With the 3 Kingside Pawns in place and the King centered, behind them, your opponent will find it tougher to get at the King ... If an enemy piece captures one of the three front-line Pawns, the King will be close enough to capture it.

However, as a word of caution, DON'T assume that a Castled King is completely safe from the enemy ... Sure, it's SAFER than keeping the King stuck in the central regions of the Board, where the enemy could attack from BOTH sides ...

But, always be aware that your opponent may deliberately sacrifice a piece in order to blast a hole in the Defensive Pawn structure ... Then, their Strategy will be to pile that region with more pieces (it becomes a major Weak spot!)

(Of course, on the flip side, that can be part of your Strategy, to attack your enemy's position - remember: what works one way, can also work the other).

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