Additional Chess Terminology:
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Additional Chess Terminology
Attacking-Play Terms


We've lumped Weaknesses in with this group of Attacking Play terms, because, when you're planning an attack, the BEST place to focus your offensive is on any Weakness in your opponent's army.

In this video, you'll see examples of the following Weaknesses:

  • Weak Pawns (e.g. Doubled Pawns)
    There are a number of Weak Pawn situations to exploit; a Doubled Pawn formation is just one common example that may provide easy pickings.

  • 'f2' & 'f7' Pawns (pre-Kingside Castling)
    With only the King to protect these Pawns, either side should consider attacking these first.

  • Exposed King
    This may lead to a quick Checkmate (best possible outcome, for you); but, a mere "Check" will force your opponent to deal with the threat, which may give you a window of opportunity to realize a benefit elsewhere on the Board.

  • Material Minority
    If your opponent is lacking pieces in any specific area, you may get joy by piling your pieces into that Zone - overwhelm that region and start picking off enemy pieces, in turn.

  • Open Files
    A clear, Open File is begging for a Rook to sit on and control - it may as well be one of your Rooks ... Get it/them on Open Files and it will Weaken your opponent's movements.

  • Unguarded Base of Pawn Structures
    The last Pawn - the one at the bottom - in any twin-pairing, or larger Pawn Chain, has NO other Pawn to defend it and is, therefore the Weakest Link ... If possible, that's where you attack first! The other Pawns will be further Weakened and soon be put to the sword, by your army.

In addition to those Weaknesses (shown in the Video), other Weaknesses, for you to exploit, include:

During games, you'll also find your opponent may make certain Weak/clumsy positional moves that can be exploited by appropriately utilized Chess Tactics:

When you view these Chess Tactics, pay attention to how the respective 'victims' are positioned, as each will serve as a guide for spotting future positional booboos, by your opponent(s).

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