Additional Chess Terminology:
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Additional Chess Terminology
Attacking-Play Terms


Counterplay or Counter-attack ... Which is it?

Some will think the two terms are referring to the same thing, but there's a subtle difference ...

When a player's pieces come under attack, as soon as the threat has been exhausted, the attacked side may then go on the attack, itself ... This is a "Counter-attack".

"Counterplay" also describes a side which has been attacked and now launches an attack of their own ... BUT, the term is more expansive ...

Counterplay describes a collective series of offensive moves, maybe by more than one piece, of any one side, which includes attacks, captures and positional play, for the benefit of more attacks.

At some point, that side's offensive play will fizzle out and their opponent may find opportunity for either a single Counter-attack; or, that side might run a larger-scale offensive, known as "Counterplay".

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