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You're after a quick and easy 'ready reference', for learning the different terms related to Chess.

On, you'll find two main reference pages:

  1. Chess Glossary
  2. Keyword Q&A

Chess Glossary

KQA - Chess Terminology - Chess Glossary Screencapture

Our Chess Glossary is an excellent a-to-z reference of common Chess Terms. This should be your 'first stop', if you're unsure about a Chess Term.

Our Chess Glossary Team, however, are totally unruly and loose-tongued when it comes to the entries. But they were cheaper than students, so they got the gig.

Use the 'quick links', to jump to a Glossary section (A-Z), or you can do a bit more manual labor and scroll down the page, as normal.

When you get to an entry, you'll find the Chess Term and, immediately beneath it, a short Description ...

KQA - Chess Terminology - Chess Glossary Entry Example

If the Chess Term is in light blue and underlined, then that's a Link, which you can click to follow to a more-expansive explanation.

If the Link is in grey blue and underlined, it's a Link to an article you've already visited.

Keyword Q&A

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Our Keyword Q&A, on the other hand, is a kind of secondary Chess Terminology avenue.

It exists in an attempt to answer people's queries, which they enter into the search engines (a la Google) ... Some know, 'roughly', what they're looking for, if not fully - or they're looking for examples ...

The Keyword Q&A catches these searchers, answers their query briefly, then, via the Recommended Links, toward the bottom of the page, directs y'all to more-detailed, related articles/content/information.

You can use this random reference page to guage what others are searching for, as it may also aid your own learning.

Recommended Links:

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