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You want to know about the different playing styles as the game of Chess has evolved.

The game of Chess has been evolving for over 1400 years, with its origins dating back to India's Gupta Empire, during the 6th Century.

As Chess spread throughout the World and became more popular - particularly from the 18th Century, onwards, - the great numbers of people competing to beat each other, resulted in a rush to adapt and evolve, in order to stay in front of their ever-competitive rivals ...

This intense rivalry sparked an evolution in Styles, with the following quartet being the most distinct:

  1. Romantic Style - (late 1700s - mid 1800s)
  2. English Style - (circa. 1840-1860)
  3. Classical Style - (circa. 1870-1940)
  4. Hypermodern Style - (circa. 1920-1950)

Chess, today, is in its maturity ... Having evolved into a competitive Sport - with large financial rewards at stake - the game has been studied from practically every angle, to an almost scientific level.

Today's players have the advantage of centuries of hindsight, allied to the in-depth analysis provided by computer processing power ... They've been able to identify the flaws in previous Styles, while adopting principles, tactics and strategies that still work with devastating effect.

Today's increased understanding of Chess principles has seen ideas from the different styles either adopted, or dropped altogether.

For instance ...

  • The Romantic Style's emphasis on always accepting any offered sacrifice, out of a "sense of honor", is dead - today's players consider the situation objectively and never allow their emotions to control their actions.

  • From the English Style, you still see some of today's elite players, such as Yasser Seirawan, using the English Opening.

  • From the Classical Style, there are plenty of high-level players who aim for direct control the Center of the board, from within the Center itself.

  • From the Hypermodern Style, you see some of today's players who allow their opponent to grab immeditate control of the Center, while they calmly develop from the Flanks, before challenging the enemy's central command.

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