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Chess Style
- Hypermodern -

The Hypermodern Style aimed to revolutionize theory on how to tackle the Opening.

Hypermodern players weren't overly concerned with trying to immediately occupy and control the Small Center of the board. Instead, they chose to allow their opponent to rush in for Center occupation with their Pawns.

The Hypermoderns would spend their early time calmly developing other pieces, which, once in place, would then attack the enemy's centrally camped division.

Key Features:

  • Openings can start in the center, but the main ethos is to patrol the center from the Flanks - that is, the outer Files (a to c on the Queenside; f to h on the Kingside).

  • While in the Opening stage, calmly allow your opponent to grab a patch of the Center with their Pawns.

  • Once your squadron, on the Flanks, is in place, then begin to attack the enemy in the Center.

Example Game
- Hypermodern Style -

- Tartakower-Mieses, Baden-Baden, 1925 -

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Notable Players
- Hypermodern Style -

Example Openings
- Hypermodern Style -

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