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You want to know about Swindles, in Chess, but weren't sure whether they were to do with Strategy or Tactics.

Swindles are closer to Tactics; they're certainly not a Strategy - for sure, you don't plan your game with a Swindle in mind.

However, while closer to Tactics, they're more of a 'fluke' than a definite tactical ploy - like, say, Pins, Forks, and Skewers.

A Swindle happens when a player makes what appears to be a surefire, game-losing move, when in an already hopeless situation on the Board ... Yet, somehow, that very illogical move turns out to, just, "work".

In such as situation, the player is said to have "Swindled his way out of trouble "; hence the term Swindle.

You want to see an example?

I learnt about the following Swindle in a handy little book: Chess Traps, Pitfalls & Swindles (How To Set Them And How To Avoid Them), by I.A. Horowitz and Fred Reinfeld.

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