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You've grasped the basics of Chess and now want to improve your game with Strategies.

On this website you'll find two sections that deal with Chess Strategies ...

  1. Beginners Chess Guide - Basic Chess Strategy.
  2. Chess Strategies Index.

1. Beginners Chess Guide - Basic Chess Strategy - Screenshots - Basic Chess Strategy

The Basic Chess Strategy is aimed at beginners who've been working their way through the first two sections of our Beginners Chess Guide.

It aims to reinforce what's been learnt up to that point and make sure you have an understanding of the basic principles of Chess, such as:

  • Understanding of the Basic Chess Rules;
  • Identifying the Chess Pieces;
  • Recognizing the correct Chess Board Setup;
  • Being able to follow Annotated Chess games, recorded Algebraic Notation;
  • Recognizing the Chess Board Zones;
  • Distinguishing between Ranks and Files;
  • Knowing the Basic Chess Moves.

The example you see on that page was my first attempt ... Er, I bombed badly! I'd yet to learn about the additional principles, such as:

  • Development;
  • Pawn Structure;
  • Chess Game Types;
  • Principle of Space;
  • Principle of Time.

Have a go, hopefully you'll do much better!

Moving on, the main stack of Chess Strategies for beginners can be found from our Chess Strategies Index ...

2. Chess Strategies Index - Screenshots - Chess Strategies Index

The credit for these Chess Strategies goes totally to GM Yasser Seirawan ...

I got his book, Winning Chess Strateiges and worked my way through the book, which is heavily referenced throughout our collection of Chess Strategies.

I recommend you get yourself a copy of this book ...

If you've got Chess Training Software, such as Fritz 12, you can Copy Seirawan's examples directly into your program. You can then learn more effectively from Seirawan's 35+ years of playing chess, at the highest level.

From this website, you'll find detailed points of what I've learnt from Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess Strategies book, with additional images and the like.

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