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You want to know how Stalemate comes about with two Kings.

There are a number of ways Stalemate can happen. Namely:

  • Fifty Move Rule;
  • Three-time Repetition Rule;
  • By Accepted Offer;
  • By Promotion;
  • When Only Kings Remain.

You can find out about the other three Rules for triggering Stalemate, by following the Recommended Link to our Stalemate Rules article.

As for what happens when just the two Kings Remain?

You can see the outcome, in the following video clip, with the help of Fritz 12, which shows the Board being reduced to just the White and Black King respectively:

Insufficient Material prevents either King from being "Checkmated", while the Rule that prevents Kings from sitting on squares next to each other means that they simply cannot get close enough to attack, anyway.

Thus, the game ends in Stalemate.

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