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You want to know about the Space Count system, in Chess, for determining who holds an Space Advantage.

Conducting a Space Count is just one of a number of ways for players to determine who has the overall Advantage, during a game of Chess.

With this method, you litterally count the number of squares in your opponent's territory, that each of your Pawns & Pieces can land upon, on their next turn.

You reverse the process, for determining the Space Count your opponent has and compare the two results, to determine who holds the Space Advantage.

Because of the complex nature of Chess, you cannot rely soley on one method, for detecting which player has the overall Advantage. There are other detection elements to assess and these include:

  • Control
  • Mobility
  • Occupation
  • Critical Position
  • Point Count
  • Equality

These have all been discussed and explained in our Beginners Chess Guide article, Advantage Detection, which you can quickly access via the Recommended Links, below.

As for the Space Count System, that's also been explored in more detail, in another of our Beginners Chess Guide articles, The Principle of Space & The Space Count System (again, see the Recommended Links, below).

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