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You want to know what the advantages are, in your games of Chess, in relation to the Principle of Space.

The Principle of Space is to do with determining the collective 'reach', or square coverage, of one player's Pawns & Pieces, into the enemy's territory.

The greater the count, the more-restricted the enemy will be - in his own territory - and so developing troops will be more awkward, for your opponent ... A 'disadvantage' to said opponent; but an 'advantage' to you.

Here, take a look at the following image:

KQA - Principle of Space - Chess Space Advantages

To keep things simple, we're only focussing on the effects of the two highlighted units (White's Bishop & Black's Pawn, respectively) and just along that diagonal line of green squares ...

As things stand, those three green squares represent a Space Count of '3' squares gained by White's army, courtesy of that Bishop.

The advantage, for White, is that Bishop is currently making it awkward for Black to develop pieces onto those three squares.

Looking at the situation from a defensive point of view, Black can reduce the Space Count of White's Bishop, by advancing that red-highlighted Pawn, one square forward ...

In the process, it will reduce that White Bishop's Space Count by 2 squares.

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