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Keyword Query: Chess Software Where I Can See Threatened Pieces
Some software companies program in a feature whereby you get a visual aid to show you which squares are safe and which might result in your Pawns and/or Pieces being captured.

You want to know which software offers this.

I can only comment on the Chess software I've used on my computer, but the two offerings that I know have such visual aids are:

  1. Chess Titans*
  2. Fritz 12

* Note: Chess Titans is definitely available for free with Microsoft's 'Windows Vista' Operating System (it may even be available with Windows XP, though I'm not 100% certain of this).

Anyway, the following two video clips show how both programs help a player see when Pawns or Pieces are being threatened.

Chess Titans
- Threatened Pieces (Red Highlighted Squares) -

With Chess Titans, any Pawn or Piece that is directly threatened will have its square highlighted in red (well, illuminous pink sort of color, but it's easier to say red and hope nobody's pedantic enough to complain.) ... And, that's about as good as it gets.

It's great for beginners, but if you want something more sophisticated, then Fritz 12 certainly delivers. Here, see what you get:

Fritz 12
- Training Hints: Threatened Squares & Dynamic Hints -

Both 'Hints' in Fritz 12 are far more dynamic ... Whether you prefer the Threatened Squares (Traffic Light system); the Dynamic Hints (Red-Green arrows); or, BOTH ... It all comes down to personal preference:

Threatened Squares (Traffic Light system)

  • Red Squares indicate a threated Pawn/Piece without allied support.

  • Yellow Squares indicate a threated Pawn/Piece with allied support.

  • Green Squares indicate where a Pawn/Piece will be safe.

Dynamic Hints (Red-Green arrows)

  • Red Arrows (solid line) indicate almost-certain threat of capture.

  • Red Arrows (dashed line) indicate where your Pieces can continue to threaten an enemy Pawn/Piece, which is currently protected.

  • Green Arrows (solid line) indicate where your Piece is getting support from allied troops which are currently unthreatened themselves.

  • Green Arrows (dashed line) indicate that the Pawn/Piece you're moving will give support to another of your Pawns/Pieces, which is currently threatened.

Hope this has answered your keyword query: Chess Software Where I Can See Threatened Pieces.

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