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You want to know about the Chess Software called Chess Titans.

I was on the hunt for decent Chess Software - a couple of months before I got more serious and purchased Fritz 12 - when I read some article that said my version of Microsoft Windows Vista (Home Premium Edition) comes with a Chess Game already installed.

The game in question turned out to be Chess Titans and I found it a good introduction to playing Chess ...

With Fritz 12, there's a LOT of features to digest - it's a proper, full-on, Chess training tool, if you decide to train more competitively - but, perhaps, too easy to get your brain fried with 'information overload'.

As a total Chess beginner, you just need to become familiar with some Basics:

  1. The Basic Rules of Chess;
  2. Knowing the Individual Chess Pieces;
  3. How to Setup the Chessboard;
  4. Understanding How Each Piece Moves.

... And that's all. To get you up and running quickly, you don't need to burden yourself with anything else - there's plenty of time for Strategies and Tactics, once you've nailed down the Basics.

Chess Titans will help you understand those four Basics ...

It also has one of the most-important, beginner-friendly features that any good Chess Game should have: Highlighted Squares, showing legal Moves & available Captures.

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