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In your games of Chess, you want to know how best to protect your King.

The following methods for protecting your King are given in the order you'll likely need or want to use them.

In short, they are:

  1. Castling
  2. Capture the Enemy
  3. Blocking Check
  4. Fortress Building

1. Castling

During the Opening phase, of every game, it's recommended you quickly Castle your King, to tuck him out of the way, both while you complete the development of your army, as well as for the King's safefy throughout the Middlegame phase.

Castling Kingside is your quickest option, here.

Note: During the Endgame phase, when there aren't many Pieces on the enemy's side, your King should be brought to the Center of the Board, to help Checkmate the enemy - that top tip came to me from Yasser Seirawan.

2. Capture the Enemy

This one's kind of a no-brainer ... The less enemy troops on the Board, the less threats there will be to your King; therefore, the easier it is to protect your King. End of.

The different Chess Tactics will help you, here.

3. Blocking Check

As you advance your army, in the process of attempting to capture enemy material, you may leave your King exposed to being Checked ...

If you cannot capture the enemy unit - the one Checking your King - and if you cannot move your King out of the way, Blocking the threat is your next best option.

4. Fortress Building

If you're trying to play for a Draw - because you've horlixed your game and Winning is no-longer likely - then Building a Fortress is one way of attempting to protect your King, while you hang-out for Stalemate, by either the 50 Move Rule or the 3-time Repetition of Position Rule.

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