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Chess Glossary - Chess Problems GraphicChess Problems - more commonly known as Chess Puzzles - are a great way to develop the visualisation skills required to help you win games of Chess.

The easiest level is a Problem/Puzzle that requires you to find the 1 Move that'll result in Checkmate.

It gets more difficult - more of a challenge - when a Solution requires 2 Moves.

Sometimes, there can be more than one route to solving the Puzzle, so just because the solution you provide isn't the same as the answer, doesn't always mean your way is wrong - so don't get disheartened if your answer differs from the Puzzle you've played.

However, you still need to thoroughly work-out your solution, to make sure it's correct.

Solutions are given using Algebraic Chess Notation, which you can read more about in the Beginners Chess section, here, and also in the Chess Glossary, here.

Try the following two Puzzles - the first is for "Checkmate in 1 Move"; the second puzzle is for "Checkmate in 2 Moves":

Chess Problem / Puzzle 01
(Checkmate In 1 Move)



The solution is to move White's Knight from e4 to g3 ...

That Knight doesn't make a "Check" to Black's King, but what it does is uncover an attack, along the diagonal, by White's Bishop, from h1 ...

Black's King cannot escape to e5 or e6, because they're both guarded by White's King.

Nor can Black's King escape to c4 or d4, as both of those squares are protected by White's Rook, from h4.

As for the e4, that square is guarded by 3 of White's pieces: h4 Rook, g3 Knight, and h1 Bishop.

The only other square, within the King's range, is diagonally up, to c6 - however, Black's King would still be in "Check" from White's h1 Bishop.

As none of Black's other pieces can help, it's "Checkmate", White Wins.

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Chess Problem / Puzzle 02
(Checkmate In 2 Moves)


1. Ke6+ ... Kc4
2. Kxe7#

Move 1, White's King advances to f6, which uncovers a "Check" from White's Queen; Black's response is to move his King to d4.

Move 2, White's King advances and captures (x) Black's Pawn, on e7, uncovering an attack by White's g8 Bishop.

Black's King has no pieces remaining to help deal with the threat - the only remaining option would be to move the King to safety ...

However, this is not possible:

The square, d3, is guarded by White's Queen, while b4, b6 and c3 are guarded by White's a5 Bishop.

Black's King would still be in "Check", from White's g8 Bishop, by moving to c3 ...

As for b5 and c5, they're also guarded by White's Queen.

The only remaining square, within Black King's range, is d5 and, as that's protected by three of White's pieces - Queen, King, and g8 Bishop - it's Game Over, for Black ...

This Chess Problem ends in "Checkmate" (#), White Wins.

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