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- Section 2: Chess Puzzles Index - - Play AreaChess Puzzles serve as more than just a cunning activity to pass the time at work. They help you to train your chess-brain to spot opportunities and threats that you're likely to encounter, from a myriad of random positions on the chessboard.

Like a footballer (soccer player, to our American friends) who practices to improve their ball skills, Chess players use a variety of Tactics and Checkmate Puzzles to improve their awareness of situations that might crop up during their games.

This page includes links to resources that provide puzzles, from Tactics to Checkmate situations ...

Assorted Chess Puzzles - 40 Chess Puzzles

Have a go at our assorted collection of Chess Puzzles.

Puzzles Include:

  1. Tactics, The Pin
  2. Tactics, The Knight Fork
  3. Tactics, Double Attack
  4. Tactics, Discovered Attack
  5. Tactics, Discovered Check
  6. Tactics, Double Check
  7. Tactics, The Overworked Piece
  8. Tactics, Removing The Guard
  9. Tactics, Low Mobility Targets
  10. Tactics, The Skewer
  11. Tactics, Pawn Promotion Combos
  12. Tactics, First Rank King Attacks
  13. Tactics, Breaking Communication
  14. Tactics, The Surprise Move
  15. Tactics, Combined Operations
  16. Tactics, Self Defence
  17. Checkmate, Mating Patterns
  18. Checkmate, Mate-in-One
  19. Checkmate, Mate-in-Two
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Chess Play Area - Section 2 - - 1 Move

This little gem of a website has over 90 different Mate In One Puzzles.

What's great about these puzzles is there's an interactive chessboard, which allows you to click and drag the pawns and pieces to the position you deem to be the "solution".

Visit (1 Move) (2 Moves)

Chess Play Area - Section 2 - - 2 Moves

Here's another serving of Chess Puzzles from the guys down the digital-road at ...

This time, you need to come up with the TWO moves that result in Checkmate.

At the last count, they'd added over 240 different Mate In Two puzzles.

Visit (2 Moves) (Tactics)

Chess Play Area - Section 2 -

From the above link, you can get stuck straight into the interactive Tactics Puzzles. Click and drag the Pawn(s) and Piece(s) to the position(s) you believe to be the solution(s).

Their Server holds over 30,000 Tactics Puzzles.

Visit (Tactics)

Chess Play Area - Section 2 -

To start exploring the interactive chess puzzles, held on the Chess Tactics Server, you'll either need to Register, or click to "Sign in as guest".

The latter gets you playing the quickest; the former allows you to build upon your score (you can come back time and again to boost your score up the Tactician's rankings table).

Their server holds over 23,000 Tactics Puzzles.


Chess Play Area - Section 2 -

Brush up on your skills in the Endgame, with 100's of interactive Chess Endgame Puzzles.

Once signed-up, from the drop-down "Play" menu, you'll have access to the following interactive features:

  • Non-Stop Endgames
  • Mate >> in 2-4 Moves
    (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Drop It! Endgames
  • The Challenge
  • Battle Star

Also includes a growing forum, where you can take part in various Endgame discussions.


Puzzle Master Incorporated
A Canadian-based company, with a global customer-base. Originally selling the surprisingly popular 'Wire Disentanglement Puzzles' (brain teasers) at local craft shows, but has since branched out to offer a wide range of puzzles, from Wood Puzzles to Japanese Puzzle Boxes.

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