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- Section 1: Chess Games Index - - Play AreaOnce you've learnt a new Tactic or Strategy, if you don't have a chess engine on your computer, SparkChess (below) is a cracking free chess game, which you can play online for free.

If, on the other hand, you want to play against a real person, you'll find a link to Instant Chess.

Alternatively, should you want something a bit different, a bit quirky, or just don't want to get into a full game, try the excellent Quick Chess 1 game.

SparkChess (Play NOW!)

Chess Play Area - Section 1 - SparkChess

Originally branded as Flash Chess III, SparkChess is free to play online, in 3D mode.

If you're not ready to pay for Chess Training Software, the free version of SparkChess is a quality program for learning the Basics of the game - moves, capturing, etc.

In the free, online version you can choose from a variety of difficulty modes: Beginner, Casual, or Advanced.

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Chess Play Area - Section 1 -

Instant Chess is an online community for both casual and more competitive Chess enthusiasts, alike, created by Talento Technologies, a Russian group of software programmers, in 1999.

Interestingly, at time of writing, there are now more players from the United States and Britain, than from Russia.

If you subscribe, you can expect to find and compete against players from 147 different countries.

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ChessFlash KnightVision

Chess Play Area - Section 1 - ChessFlash KnightVision

KnightVision, developed by Glenn Wilson, the creator of the ChessFlash app (as used on, is a training game primarily intended to help players learn to spot patterns of movement involving the Knight.

ChessFlash KnightVision is a training tool that helps you learn and improve at chess while playing a fun and exciting game. Improve your tactics and speed at knight and other piece maneuvers.

Currently available on Apple & Android Mobile devices.

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Quick Chess 1

Chess Play Area - Section 1 - Quick Chess 1 Game

Joe Miccio's (apparently) Award-winning game, released in 1991, was created as an introduction to the full, traditional game of Chess, as we know it today.

The Game can be played by a single person, versus the computer program; or, providing two people are sitting at the same machine, they can take it in turns and do battle against each other.

Being a chess-variant, the stripped-down nature of this Game has a few rule-restrictions over the traditional game of Chess.

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