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You're a beginner - new to Chess - and you want to know about the individual Chess Pieces.

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We'll cover each Piece briefly, here, as you'll find more detailed articles, about the Pawns and Pieces, by following the Recommended Links, below.

At the stage when I was a beginner myself, I found it easiest to remember the Pawns and different Pieces by always listing them in a specific order.

That order was based on their relative worth on the Chessboard. So, we have, as follows:

  • Pawns (1 point)
  • Knights (3 points)
  • Bishops (3 points)
  • Rooks (5 points)
  • Queens (9 points)
  • Kings (Invaluable)

Now, I must quickly point out that the overall majority of players - for the sake of peace - value Knights & Bishops at 3 points each (as noted above) ...

However, there are some who prefer the long-range attacking merits of the Bishops and so will value Bishops at 3½ (versus 3 points, for the Knight).

It's for this reason, that I've listed Bishops after Knights.

Okay, for beginners, what I recommend now, is you head on over to our Beginners Chess Guide and start familiarizing yourself with the article about the Individual Chess Pieces.

(You can take a shortcut to that article, by clicking the first Recommended Link, below).

Recommended Links:

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