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You want to know the relative value of Pawns and Pieces, in order to keep score and determine who holds the advantage, here.

The total value of Pawns and Pieces, on each side, isn't the only method that determines who holds the overall Advantage - you also need to consider other factors, like:

  • Which side hold a Space Advantage;

  • The Position of Pawns & Pieces, on the Board;

  • Whether you have the right material for a Closed or Open Game.

For more about Advantage Detection, refer to the Recommended Links, below.

But, now, we'll settle the matter of Chess Piece values (we'll include the value of Pawns, as well) ...

The following values are the ones most widely agreed upon, although some players, favoring Bishops over Knights, have been known to value Bishops at 3½ points:

  • Pawns = 1 point
  • Knights = 3 points
  • Bishops = 3 points
  • Rooks = 5 points
  • Queens = 9 points

You'll notice there isn't a value for the Kings ...

That's down to the fact that you cannot play a game of Chess without the Kings on the Board - since there'd be nothing to Checkmate, thus no game to Win.

For more insight into Values of the Pieces, see our Beginners Chess Guide article, Individual Chess Pieces (link, below).

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