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"Chess Peices" ... if you say it out loud, the spelling sounds correct, doesn't it?

By the way, this page is outrageously for the benefit of the Search Engines - Google, and the rest - and the 95 searchers, per day, who go looking for Chess "Peices" ...

You can save yourself from wasting thirty-odd seconds of your life, and get straight to what you're after, with one of these Chess Piece-related links:

Let's get it over with ...

I mean, the way you say it, "PEICES" should be how it's spelt.

I'm surprized the Americans haven't seen to it, afterall they're usually good at cleaning up English pronounciation:

  • "colour" becomes "color" (who needs the "u"?);
  • "penalised" sounds like it should have a "z" in it, towards the end, so becomes "penalized";
  • "centre" has it's "r" and "e" a bit mixed up, so becomes "center".

That said, "Aluminium" still needs a bit of working on (the "i" before the "um" is a bit of giveaway, there).

But, then, if we're going to continue along the phonetic path, surely - Aluminium - it'd sound more correct for there to be an "e" instead of the "i"?

Anyway ... Pieces ... how's that worked out? P-I-E-ces ... not P-E-I-ces? Say them out loud - "Chess Pieces" vs "Chess Peices" - and the second case sounds like it should be the more accurate spelling.

Alas, it isn't ... "Pieces" it is.

Right, enough nonsense. That should keep Google happy. Now, let's get back to something proper, to do with playing Chess.

If you're still after info about Chess Pieces, click the link below, or scroll back up and choose from one of the other links, to more related content (about the different Chess Pieces) ...

Okay, No More Chess Peices,
But Stuff About Chess Pieces Can Be Found Here
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