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You're asking about a specific type of error, made when a player gives a Piece too many protection assignments to fulfil at any one time.

Also known as "Overloading", or having an "Overloaded Piece", what happens is you move a Piece to a square where it acts as the main protector of 2 or more other units - be they Pawns on critical squares, or other Pieces in your army.

Sometimes, through lack of observation, a player may not notice they've positioned a Piece into an Overworked situation, until their opponent spots and exploits this error.

When an Overworked Piece is attacked, especially by a less-valuable enemy unit, it's unlikely this attacked Piece will be able to continue its multiple-protection assignment and so the dilemma is which assignment to stick with.

Overloading your Pieces, with two or more protection assignments, is a surefire way of losing material.

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