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Chess Openings Analyzer 148x220The Chess Openings Analyzer, Beta v1.0 provides additional, graphical & statistical options for analyzing and exploring the Opening phase.

Elements analyzed include: Center Domination; Control; Point Count; Space Count and Territorial Domination.

Until now, I've only found these methods in books; they're possible to calculate on paper, but this software application makes light work of what can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive, chore.

All analysis elements analyzed are based on teachings from Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan, which I found when studying from his Winning Chess series of books.

As a beginner, I wasn't sure which of these analysis elements were most important; or how they compared to one another, when using them to study the Opening phase.

So, I piled them all into one piece of software, which not only provides individual analysis for each element, but goes experimental, by seeing if the scores for each element can be combined to create one, single result, which can be used to quickly and easily compare multiple Openings, for any given position - whether you're planning for command of White or Black's army!

Chess Openings Analyzer - Learn More - Screen Capture
Screen Capture of the Chess Openings Analyzer, Beta v1.0.
(Not Actual Scale. Real Version BIGGER!)
  • 7 elements individually & collectively analyzed:

    1. Center Domination;
    2. Control;
    3. Point Count;
    4. Space Count;
    5. Territorial Domination;
    6. Castled King;
    7. Connected Rooks.

  • First of its kind analysis software.

  • Based on Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan's teachings, from his Winning Chess series of books.

  • Works without internet connection via web browser.

  • Experimental Position Result that attempts to boil the individual analysis elements down into one, single result, for easy & quick comparison of multiple Opening sequences.

  • Whether you're planning to command White's or Black's army, you can instantly see how different moves effect the different Advantages that can prove decisive in Winning your games of Chess.

  • Extensive video guide explaining how it works (accessible from the Analyzer).

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Why is it Free?

I'm offering this version of the Chess Openings Analyzer for Free because, while it's fully functioning, it's still, virtually, a prototype and a bit rough around the edges. It's $500 worth of experimental software which you get to keep for Free, but I need something from you in return ...

What I want is your Feedback.

Download it; play about with it; use it as shown for your own analysis of different Opening sequences. Then, use the embedded Give Feedback link, to let me know what you think (whether good, bad, or indifferent).

Some of the rules I've used for calculating the analysis elements are experimental - it's another area where your opinion matters.

Your Feedback will determine whether it's worth refining into a more robust piece of software.

P.S. ... oh, and please discuss it with your mates (email, forums, etc.).

Pass on the link, to this page, to others (get the EasyShare link, below). The more that get to play with the Analyzer, the more quickly we can determine its true worth in helping to analyze the Opening phase.

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