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You want to play games of Chess, but via the Internet.

Before you get disappointed elsewhere, explore the following two websites, which focus purely on Chess - no random mickey mouse games, just pure Chess. And they're good:

SparkChess - which used to be called "Flash Chess III" - is good if you just want to play games of Chess, online, against a computer opponent.

There's no human at the other end, so if you make a complete hash of your game - a cheeky click of the Undo button, or sly hit of the New Game button, and you're good to go again.

The free version allows you to access three levels of difficulty and is only available in 3D Mode ...

By all means, you can pay for the downloadable version, which allows a 2D Board, as well as enhanced analysis tools, but if you're serious about improving your Chess-playing ability, I'd put my money into a Chess Software like Fritz 12 ... Which is what I did. Cause it's really good.

Anyhow, SparkChess will suit the beginner, who wants to practice the basic moves of the Pawns and Pieces, as well as having a leisurely game of Chess, without having to pay anything for the privilege.

Instant Chess offers Chess Players a platform to play against other humans - there is no human-vs-computer mode.

Just create a nickname for yourself and click the "Start Game" button and you could find yourself playing within seconds.

If you want increased features, you'll need to pay; but, you can get playing straight away, without their extra bells and whistles (figuratively speaking), for free.

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