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Now then, it's possible you're a kid looking for Chess games online - though, if I were a kid, I'd know I was a kid and not bother to use the term 'kid' and just look for 'Chess games online'.

More likely, you're a proactive parent who is looking for Chess games orientated towards kids, which have an 'Undo' function, which is good for learning.

Spark Chess - Menu  - Undo ButtonA good, free, online Chess Game, which has an 'Undo' option, is the newly-rebranded SparkChess (their original name was 'Flash Chess III', which you can still find online, as they transition to SparkChess).

You'll find the 'Undo' button on the right-hand side and you can undo all the way back to the start of the game, if needed.

In my view, by the time a kid is old enough to learn to play chess, when it comes to Computer Software, Internet-based games, or computer-based games, 'good looking graphics' are important, but game play and efficient animation of the pieces are of greater importance.

SparkChess has highlighted squares, which is always a good feature for beginners ... As for the Look & Feel, the animation of the moves are slick and everything's good on the eye.

For a free, online Chess game, it's a decent allrounder and worth a look.

See the Links, below, for more about SparkChess / Flash Chess III.

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