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Most likely, you're after playing Chess on the Internet. But, you could also be looking to learn to play chess via the 'net. So, we'll cover both options.

Everyone loves to play games; less like to learn, so we'll get the games sorted first and leave the learning till last (that philosophy reminds me of school, can't think why ...).

Oh, the Chess game websites we've picked are free to get playing. They do have paid options, but it's not necessary if you just want to play without additional analysis tools/features.

Chess Games Online: Human-vs-Computer

If you prefer your games of chess on line to be against a computer - because they don't object when you want to "Undo" a move, or two - then SparkChess is a very competent game.

With the Free version, you get 3 levels of difficulty to pit your wits against; the gameplay is good; the animation of the moves is slick and there's some decent features ...

In addition to the mentioned "Undo" button, you can save your game and come back to it later (providing you're at the same computer and return to play the game of chess on line). There's also a useful visual aid, which highlights your available moves in a green glow.

I now play my games of Chess using the Chess Training Software, Fritz 12. But, if I didn't yet have any chess software on my computer, and I were a beginner, then SparkChess would tick all the boxes for learning to how the Chess pieces move and capture, as well as for playing a decent game of Chess.

Learn to Play Chess On Line - Screenshots - Home Page

Yes, I know. Totally biased. But, there you have it.

That said, if you're looking to play the game and aren't yet ready to splice a vein or sell a kidney for books, dvds or in-person chess tuition, why not just take a peek at our Beginners Chess Guide ... - Screenshots - Beginners Chess Guide

... From here, you get to learn all the 'basics', such as how Pawns and Pieces move, how they capture and where they go on the Chessboard. There's more too it than that, but I won't spoil the surprise.

Once you've mastered the basics, you can pick your way through our selection of tactics, from our Chess Tactics Index ... - Screenshots - Chess Tactics Index

... and from a great selection of Grandmaster-approved strategies, from our Chess Strategies Index ... - Screenshots - Chess Strategies Index

Finally, should you wish to look up a term or two, try our Chess Glossary, which can be accessed quickly, from the very top or bottom of each webpage on this website: - Screenshots - Chess Glossary

Whether you're looking to play decent games of chess on line, or you want to learn to play the game, right now, you can quickly access all you've just read about, from the following links:

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