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When you say 'skip', the only thing that springs to mind is you're referring to 'En Passant', which is a Capturing move that happens between Pawns only.

En Passant translates from French to mean "in passing" and was brought into Chess to prevent an opponent from passing up a potential fight between two Pawns on adjacent files.

Pawns represent real-world foot-soldiers and, during a war, if they advanced close enough to the enemy, the HAD to engage in battle; they couldn't avoid the fight ...

But, in Chess, there was time when a Pawn could advance two squares, to sit level with an enemy Pawn on the 4th Rank (from White's perspective) and so that Black Pawn wouldn't be able to capture with its normal, diagonal-capturing movement.

Well, that just wasn't cricket, so a new rule was brought in: En Passant.

The following video clip will show you it in action:

For more about En Passant, follow the Recommended Link (below), to the Chess Glossary Article about the Pawn Chess Piece.

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