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You want to know a little something about the Knight Chess Piece.

Knight Chess Piece
Knight Chess Piece

You get two Knights at the beginning of each game ... Here's where the Knights begin each game:

Chess Board Setup - Knights - animated

We've gone into more detail about the Knights elsewhere on this website.

From this page, as you're already on it, you'll be able to quickly access those articles, from the Recommended Links, towards the bottom of this page.

Before that, here's a few quick points about the Knights ...

  • Moves

    Knights are unique among the Pawns and Pieces as they're the only units that can jump over obstacles.

    As if that weren't enough to be fully unique, whereas the other Pawns and Pieces move in straight lines, the Knights have an L-shaped pattern of movement.

    Knights finish their move on the opposite-color square that they were originally on.

  • Capturing

    Knights only capture enemy units that they land upon ... Knights cannot capture in the process of jumping over an enemy Pawn or Piece.

  • Weaknesses of the Knight

    A Knight cannot capture enemy that's sitting directly in front of it - this can be a frustration at best ... If you're seriously out of position, it can cost you material loss(es) ...

    At worst? - your Knight may be unable to prevent you losing the game.

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