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King Chess Piece
King Chess Piece

Your King is THE most important Piece on the chessboard ... Kings start each game, facing each other on the inner-right side of the board:

Chess Board Setup - Kings - animated

The follow issues, relating to the King, have been covered in more detail, elsewhere on this website and you can quickly access these articles from the Recommended Links, towards the bottom of this page.

What we have here is a few brief points about the King ...

  • Moves

    The standard pattern of movement for the King is one-square, in any direction.

  • Special Moves

    The exception to that one-move rule happens during a special move known as "Castling".

    Castling takes place between the King and one of the two Rooks (but not BOTH) - Castling is a one-time only event, per game.

  • Capturing

    In Chess Kings can capture other pawns and pieces. They able to capture enemy material in any direction.

    But, due to their limited range of movement, Kings usually reserve their fighting capability until the Endgame phase, when there's mostly enemy Pawns and perhaps just one or two enemy Pieces on the board.

  • Threats to the King

    Unlike the other Pieces (and the Pawns), which can be captured and removed from the Chessboard, the King CANNOT be captured.

    In place of capturing, the King can be put in "Check" - that's when an enemy Pawn or Piece directly attacks it ...

    If the "Checked" King cannot escape this direct attack, then the game ends in a Loss, by "Checkmate", for that King's army.

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