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You want to play games of Chess, but online - but you don't say whether you want a human-vs-human environment, or a human-vs-computer type of game. So, we'll point you in the direction of both types.

There are a number of websites where you can play a good game of Chess. The two I'll recommend, which I've experienced are:

  1. (Human-vs-Human);
  2. (Human-vs-Computer*);

So, what do they offer? We'll take a brief look at the two options ...

Referring to the video for a sec, this was a game I played back in December 2009 (I controlled White's army; I didn't know who Z93 was).

It was my first visit to, as I needed to evaluate it for review (see the Recommended Links, below - Chess Glossary Article - Instant Chess).

As soon as you hit their website, you can be playing a game almost instantly - there's no registration or email to confirm - as is common these days ...

You enter a name (you choose - real, or nickname), then click the "Start Game" button and as soon as someone picks up, you start ...

Chess Glossary - Instant Chess - Start Game

I didn't time how long it took for me to get hooked up, but it was quick, a few seconds at most.

From then on, there's not much to report - it's just down to you and your chess skills versus your opponent. It's a good environment to play in. I like it.

(P.S. If you go onto our home page and see the "Live Game" being played, it's a game from ).

When it comes to chess games online that are free and played versus a computer, there's not much around (at the moment - August 2010) that can match the gameplay and features of SparkChess.

If you're a beginner, you'll like the visual aid which highlights squares in green, telling you where you selected Pawn or Piece can move to.

Should you prefer to try a different move - because you've balls'd-up - there is an "Undo Move" button as well.

Additional analysis features and aids require you to pay for the downloadable version, but it's not a necessity, especially if you're just after a leisurely game of Chess.

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