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You're after Chess Games that include some sort of 'Save' function, so you can take a break and return to the game in your time.

On this page, we'll stick with free Chess games, which you can find on the Internet, rather than Chess Software, such as Fritz 12 or Microsoft's Chess Titans, which you expect to feature some sort of Saving capability (and they do have them).

To be honest, of all of games available online, playable for 'free', SparkChess (2010 rebranded; original title: Flash Chess III ) is head and shoulders above any 'free' rival ... So good, Google has selected it to feature in its eagerly anticipated Google Chrome OS (Operating System).

Launch Spark Chess - a.k.a. Flash Chess III

From a personal point of view, since buying Fritz 12, I don't really take much of an interest in free, online games, anymore - they just cannot compete with the functionality and training options.

The only time I would seek to play online, is in a human-vs-human environment, like the one at (screenshot, below).

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KEYWORD: Chess Game That Saves Where I Left Off
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