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Now, this could be one of two things ...
  1. You've heard about this website and attacked Google with your keywords, in that order.

  2. You hadn't heard about this website, didn't give a monkey's where you ended up, as long as you found something decent that served up Strategies for playing the Game of Chess.

Whether you were looking for the first or second option, you've kind of got both, coming here ...

At, you'll find a healthy collection of Chess Strategies, to pick through at your leisure.

To accelerate your learning, what I recommend - as this is what I'm doing - is to supplement what you find on this website with exploring elite games, from ... Copy those games (available in PGN format) into Chess Software that supports this input (Fritz 12 certainly does).

Finally, continue to learn from the best. GM Yasser Seirawan, America's leading professional Chess player, shares his experience in his Winning Chess series of books ... This series is a real beauty for beginners - comprehensive, but his examples are easy to understand ...

Again, I bring his examples to life by setting up the positions in Fritz 12 and playing them through.

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KEYWORD: Chess Game Strategies
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