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Pawn Chess Piece

Your army gets 8 Pawns at the start of each game.

They can only move forwards, not backwards. Pawns can only capture diagonally forwards, one square to the left or right, per turn.

Pawns can be used to restrict enemy Pieces, keeping them out of critical squares.

Pawns, by the way, are Pawns - identified separately from the proper chess game Pieces that now follow ...

Knight Chess Piece

Your army gets 2 Knights at the start of each game.

They can jump. They move in a unique L-shaped pattern. When capturing they don't capture as they pass over material; only when they land directly on an enemy, at the end of the Knight's L-shaped maneuver.

Bishop Chess Piece

You get 2 Bishops at the start of each game.

One starts on the light-squares, the other on the dark-squares, and they both remain on the same color squares until the game ends, or they are captured.

Bishops move diagonally, as far as is clear, along their diagonals.

Rook Chess Piece

You get 2 Rooks at the start of each game.

Rooks can only move along the straights (Ranks & Files), but they can go as far as their path is clear.

Queen Chess Piece

You get 1 Queen at the start of each game.

Queens can move in any direction, as far as their path is clear. In that respect, the Queen is your most powerful Piece.

King Chess Piece

You get 1 King at the start of each game.

Kings can move in any direction, but only one square per turn (except during the special move known as Castling).

Protect your King from the enemy, at ALL cost. If your King cannot escape being attacked (known as "Check"), then it's "Checkmate" and you Lose the game.

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