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You want to know how to gain Space, pehaps even to gain a Space Advantage, during your games of Chess.

You'll find a indepth look at the Principle of Space, in our Beginners Chess Guide area, which you can quickly access from the Recommended Links, below.

However, we'll cover the brief points, here.

  • Determining who has a Space Advantage is done by counting the number of squares that each player's Pawns & Pieces occupy 'of' their opponent's territory.

    I say 'of', rather than 'in', because either sides Pawns & Pieces don't actually need to be sitting 'in' their opponent's territory, they just need to have be able to access applicable squares, within their legal range of movement.

  • Imagine your opponent has a Piece - say a Bishop - that is targetting squares inside your own territory ...

    Unless you're planning to trade material and have setup your troops to facilitate an equal trade, then you're going to avoid placing your Pawns and Pieces on those squares, targetted by that enemy Bishop.

    So, now YOU - or, your army - is slightly restricted in your own territory, potentially making it more awkward to develop your troops into more-advantageous positions.

  • Having a Space Advantage means your army, collectively, targets more squares in your opponent's territory than the other way round ... You have more choices for development and that's, roughly, the Principle of Space

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