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You want to teach your child to play chess.

Proper Chess Set vs Chess Training Software

First of all, I'd recommend you get a proper Chess Set, rather than computer software, at this early stage of learning (to play Chess).

Chess Training Software, such as Fritz 12, does have its place - they're excellent for efficient, indepth study and analysis, which would be more long-winded, if done manually.

Chess Kid Thinking - Chess For KidsThe bottom line is: Children like to play with stuff they can get their hands on ... Chess for kids should be as engaging as possible.

All computer software allows is point-and-click convenience and time-saving features, such as clicking on a button marked "New Game", rather than having to physically put all the Pawns and Pieces back to their starting positions, ready for the next game.

However, being highly inquisitive, as kids naturally are, the ability to physically pick up, move and get a feel for actual Pawns and Pieces just cannot be replicated by any computer wizardry.

Once they've learnt the basics, by physically moving the Pawns and Pieces around the physical Chessboard, if they really take to the game and want to take their learning to a higher level, then it'll be easier to make the switch to Chess Training Software like Fritz 12.

Learning with software first, their focus on the basics of Chess may, too easily, be distracted by flashy graphics and animation ...

There's also the temptation to compare Chess games on the computer with other arcade and fast-action games - in a child's mind, Chess simply cannot compete with the fast-moving, video game entertainment and the comparison may put them off entirely.

So, while they're learning and getting involved with Chess, keep them away from the computer environment ... Once they start Winning games of Chess, competitive instinct should help to maintain interest levels, regardless of other distractions.

Chess For Kids - Parent As Teacher

KQA - Beginners Chess Guide - Chess For Kids - Parent As Teacher

If you're unsure about teaching your own child to play Chess, because you've never played it properly - relax! - it's easier to learn the basics that you think ...

The study-effort comes later, when you're trying to sort your way through the many Chess Openings and trying to decide how to create your battle plans, based on the various Chess Strategies.

But, to learn the basics, it's relatively straight-forward ... You identify the Pawns and the different Pieces; understand how they move and capture; see where the Pawns and Pieces go and how to setup the Chessboard.

You can learn that lot, plus more, from this website (start with our Beginners Chess Guide) ... Once you're familiar with the Beginners stuff, you then share what you've learnt with your child - but with the proper Chess Set.

Take it at their pace and keep it leisurely. But always keep an eye on their progress - if they show a real interest and ability to learn Chess quickly, your child may well be the next Magnus Carlsen.

Before getting stuck in, have a read of the following Kids Chess Topic article ...

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