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The series of 'Dummies' books are globally popular, so I'm assuming you're after their book about Chess.

Chess Books - Chess For DummiesThis yellow fella is what you'd be looking for, from the Dummies company and, to a total beginner, it appears to be a good first punt into the realm of Chess Books.

Now, at this point I must make it clear I haven't read this book, so I can't give any detail of specific content, other than what's promised in the Table of Contents, found on the Dummies website.

My learning, of the basics of Chess - and more - came from a different source, which I'll get onto shortly.

First, what does Chess for Dummies promise?

Lots of Content

From a single book, among the list of subjects, you're getting to learn:

  • The Basics of Chess

    In Part I: Laying the Groundwork, you get to learn about the different Pieces, the fundamentals of how they move, capture, etc., as well as matters specifically concerning the King - Check, Checkmate and Stalemate, respectively.

  • Chess Tactics

    In Part II: Gaining Chess Know-How, Tactics are introduced. Not only that, but Combinations, Sacrifices, Pawn Formations, Special Moves and Pattern Recognition ... ALL, in this one Part of the book.

  • Chess Strategy

    In Part III: Game Time: Putting Your Chess Foot Forward, you'll learn about Strategy. In addition, the author covers the three distinct phases of typical Chess games: Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame, respectively.

  • Advanced Chess Content

    In Part IV: Getting Into Advanced Action, Chess for Dummies covers Competition Play and Necessary Etiquette; playing Chess with Computers and on the Internet, which they headline as Hitting the Net with Computer Chess; and this Part also covers Chess Notation.

    I'm surprized Chess Notation is in the Advanced section; it's fundamental to getting to grips with examples in Chess books and from other resources ... This should be in with the Basics, which is why you'll find it in our Beginners Chess Guide.

The remainder of Chess for Dummies includes a selection of Ten Most Famous Games, Ten Best Players of All Time, and a Glossary of Chess.

Who's The Author?

To give some credibility to this book, the Dummies company roped in a guy called James Eade, who, at time of typing - and according to the Dummies website - is a United States Chess Federation "Chess Master".

Mystery Man ImageHis main occupation is given as a Chess Writer, Organizer, and Teacher.

And that's pretty much all they've given about James Eade ... I've never heard of him, so he just gets a mystery man image.

Just My "Beginners" Opinion

At the time of typing this, I'm just a relative beginner to Chess, so couldn't match the Chess Master status of James Eade. But, then I don't have to, for this.

When I was on the hunt for books about learning to play Chess, I was aware that FIDE Grandmaster is a higher status than, say, USCF "Chess Master" ...

In any sport you approach, you want to learn from the best ... For instance, if you're into boxing, you wouldn't want to learn from a middle-ranking fighter, you'd want to learn from the likes of Muhammad Ali, or Mike Tyson, right?

When I was searching for Chess Books, I was aware of Chess for Dummies, but looked at recommendations for other books, as well ...

One figure who kept cropping up was Yasser Seirawan - a FIDE International Grandmaster, with over 35 years of playing Chess at the highest level - he's played and beaten Chess legend Garry Kasparov, which is worth a mention.

Chess Players - Yasser SeirawanYasser Seirawan (left) is the author of the Winning Chess series of books ... I read good reviews about them being written in a style that beginners will feel comfortable with.

Those positive reviews were accurate ...

I learnt the Basics from Play Winning Chess ...

I improved my attacking play with Winning Chess Tactics ...

And now, at the time of typing, have a solid base to improve my game though Winning Chess Openings, Winning Chess Strategies, and Winning Chess Combinations.

As for Winning Chess Endings, that's next on my list to get.

Chess Books - Yasser Seirawan - Winning Chess Series - Group of 6

Yeah, sure, I understand that's six books, versus one (Chess for Dummies); but, due to the complexities of Chess, you cannot cram enough detail into a single printed book and keep it manageable ...

So, the contents in the Dummies book is only going to scratch the surface, without being able to offer enough insight on any one element - e.g. Strategy, Tactics, etc.

If you want me to labor the point, the Chess for Dummies is 384 pages ...

In contrast, Seirawan's Play Winning Chess book, alone, is 222 pages - just devoted to the Basics any beginner should know.

Based on that, plus insight from a mid-ranked Chess player (Dummies author) versus top-end, elite Chess player (Yasser Seirawan), which is likely to have more substance? - Home Page - Screenshot

The website you're currently on is my personal reference of everything I've learnt and am currently exploring, to do with improving my own Chess ability.

What you'll discover in the Beginners Chess Guide is what I learnt from various online resources - other people's websites, basically ...

In addition, Seirawan's Play Winning Chess book was where I got to grips with other key beginner material, such as the Principle of Space and the Principle of Time. Whether Chess for Dummies covers those, I can't be certain.

Our Chess Strategies Index was the result of studying Winning Chess Strategies, while the Chess Tactics Index came from Winning Chess Tactics.

(Note: At the time of typing, I have yet to fully explore Winning Chess Combinations, while Winning Chess Openings was still being analyzed, to find my preferred Openings).

I can already anticipate your next likely question: "If you've put it all on the website, why bother to get Yasser Seirawan's books, let alone Chess for Dummies? "

What you don't get on this website is what's left inside Yasser's books.

With the Winning Chess series, you're getting the perspective and insight of an International Grandmaster who was No. 105 on the July 2010 FIDE ratings list and who has 35+ years of playing Chess at the highest level.

For beginners, it's a no-brainer.

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