Chess Endgame Guide
[Index, Section 2: Stalemate]

Chess Endgame Guide
Index, Section 2: Stalemate

Chess Endgame Guide TeaserSection 2: focuses on Salvaging a Draw.

Sure, nobody sets out to draw their game(s) of chess. But, if a win appears out of reach, then you may be able to rescue ½ a point by steering the game into a Stalemate situation.

Stalemate Rules

Chess Endgame Guide - Teaser - Stalemate Rules

There are a few different rules or situations that result in a game of chess ending in a draw. They include:

  • Fifty-move Rule
  • Three-time Repetition Rule
  • By Careless Pawn Promotion
  • When Only Kings Remain
  • By Accepted Offer

Read all the rules? Okay, so you can stop yawning, now.


Perpetual Stalemates

Chess Endgame Guide - Teaser - Perpetual Stalemates

Both of these situations can help to force a Stalemate - it saves time, otherwise spent having to whittle your army down to just the King, aiming for the 50 Move Rule.

Both Perpetual Pursuits and Perpetual Checks bring about a Draw via the Three-time Repetition of Position Rule.


Other Stalemate Situations

Chess Endgame Guide - Teaser - Other Stalemate Situations

While Perpetual Pursuits can involve any of the Pieces, these other Stalemates require a specific combination of Pawns and/or Pieces, being in certain positions on the board.

Example situations include:

  • Bishop & Wrong-color Rook-Pawn v. Lone King
  • Knight & Rook-Pawn on the 7th Rank v. Lone King
  • Two Knights v. Lone King

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