Chess Development "Bits 'n' Pieces":
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Chess Development
"Bits 'n' Pieces"


Each turn or single move a player makes is referred to as a "Tempo".

A piece moves with a "gain of Tempo" by reaching a square in one fewer move; or, by causing their opponent to move a piece, following that same, single piece move.

Another example of gaining Tempo would be a single move which puts the enemy King in "Check".

On the flip-side, a piece moves with a "loss of Tempo" when it takes one or more extra turns to reach a designated spot.

Another example of "losing Tempo" would be if you moved a piece, such as a Bishop, to a specific square, only to be driven back by, say, an advancing Pawn ... While that Pawn would move with a "gain of Tempo"; your Bishop would move, in retreat, with a "loss of Tempo".

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