Chess Development "Bits 'n' Pieces":
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Chess Development
"Bits 'n' Pieces"


In the Opening phase, it's not uncommon for both players to make the same moves, whereby Black appears to 'mirror' a short sequence of White's development, resulting in a pattern of perfect Symmetry.

For instance:

  • Move 1: BOTH players advance their e-file Pawns two squares.

  • Move 2: BOTH players bring out their Kingside Knights.

  • Move 3: BOTH players bring out their Queenside Knights.

  • Move 4: BOTH players advance their g-file Pawns.

  • Move 5: BOTH players Fianchetto their Kingside Bishops.

Because of the turn-by-turn nature of Chess, with White always going first; it's up to Black, as to how long the Symmetrical development continues ... It may be just a couple of moves, or it could be prolonged throughout the entire Opening phase.

However, at some point, with both players eager to outwit each other, the symmetrical patterns will break apart - either with differing positional play and/or the varying nature of captures and subsequent counterplay.

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